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Who We Are

Here at Animal Hospital Of Maple Valley Inc., we strive to make your pet as comfortable as possible. We provide gentle and compassionate pet health care for your special companion. Our experienced veterinarians, Dr. Karla Mooers and Dr. Katya Dass-Hillard, offer the best animal health care in the area.
We can speak more about our professional service but we would like you to read what some of the satisfied pet owners have said about Animal Hospital Of Maple Valley Inc.

Best Place to Take Your Pet!

"Love Animal Hospital Of Maple Valley Inc., the vets and the staff! They are all so nice! I get the best care for Chloe, Angel, Boonie and Sassy! Had to put Forrest down on June 9th and it went fine. Sad but good. Thanks for being so kind!" -Jill, 09/13/2011

Dr. Mooers is WONDERFUL!

"Dr. Karla Mooers has been our family vet since she first qualified, like 25 years ago. She is so calm and caring with dogs of any size, very gentle with kitties. I had to have my 14 year old Buster put to sleep in 2009; he got sick and went downhill so quickly. He was with her and her wonderful staff for 5 days as she tried to diagnose and treat him. When it became apparent he wasn't going to get better, she called me at work and very gently told me my Little Man wasn't going to get better; he had kidney failure. It was the hardest decision of my life but if Karla said the end was near, I trusted her. When my best friend and I got there, they put us in a room and brought Buster to me. I'm crying as I write this -they let me spend as much time as I wanted with him, they didn't rush me and when I was ready, Karla came in and very empathetically did what she needed to do. They let me stay with him when it was over till I was ready to leave him. Karla can't retire till I don't have pets!" -Photogal58, 07/01/2011

Had My Crocker Put Down

"Had my Crocker put to sleep last year. Animal Hospital Of Maple Valley Inc. was very kind and caring. Called to see how we were doing." -Grandma of 4, 03/11/2010

Wonderful Vet Hospital!

"We've gone to the Animal Hospital Of Maple Valley Inc. for more years than I can remember. They are wonderful with the animals. They are all professional, extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. Our seven year old Keeshond would not be alive today if not for Dr. Moores, thank you. They have gone out of their way to find the best prices on medications that our boy must take for his illness. Thank you again to the entire staff at Animal Hospital Of Maple Valley Inc." -Skeetersmom, 12/26/2009

We LOVE This Vet!

"Everyone at the Animal Hospital Of Maple Valley Inc. has been wonderful to us! We have always been treated with kindness and respect and our "fur-kids" love them as well! Highly recommended for all your 4 legged companions." -Puppylover98038, 08/05/2009
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